Thursday, 27 September 2012

Prince Mohammed highlights key achievements of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Ambassador highlights the key
achievements of Saudi Arabia on its National Day
Dr. Mozammel Haque
The Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the United Kingdom celebrated the 82nd National Day on Monday, the 24th of September 2012 at its London Embassy compound where diplomats, representatives of different embassies, former cabinet ministers of British Government, Muslim community leaders, both Muslim and non-Muslim journalists and media personnel including Lord Adam Patel, Baroness Paula Uddin, Mr. Khalid Mahmood, Member of British Parliament from Perry Barr, Birmingham and Sir Iqbal Sacranie, the founding secretary general of the Muslim Council of Britain attended the celebration.

Addressing the gathering of dignitaries, the Saudi Ambassador to the United Kingdom & Ireland, Prince Mohammad bin Nawaf, first described how the modern state of Saudi Arabia was born. He said, “Exactly 80 years ago, a man by the name of Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman Al Saud or Ibn Saud as the West has come to know him, led some 40 men on a daring raid over the walls of Riyadh and recaptured it. On September 23, 1932, Ibn Saud declared over two thirds of the Arabian Peninsula over which he ruled al-Mamlakah al-ʻArabīyah as-Suʻūdīyah, or the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Thus the modern Saudi nation was born.”

Looking back over the last 80 years, the Saudi Ambassador said, “We can appreciate how well the challenges have been met and how wisely the opportunities and resources have been used for the benefit of the people of Saudi Arabia; yet we must also remember that while we can look back with pride at our accomplishments, we must also use the benefit of hindsight to better understand what we need to do to preserve these resources for tomorrow.”

Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf, while looking back over the last 80 years, what the Saudi Arabia had achieved, said, “In 80 years we have gone from a disparate array of acrimonious and divided tribes to a united country in which tens of millions find security, stability and the benefits of a thriving economy.”

The Saudi Ambassador also mentioned, “In 80 years we have gone from being a peninsula relatively isolated from influences beyond its shores to a nation that is the centre of global Islam, an international economic and financial powerhouse, the most important supplier of energy, and a politically active country whose leaders, diplomats, economists and financiers are engaged in negotiating and supporting initiatives that offer progress, economic stability and peace in almost every country in the world.”

Prince Mohammed also mentioned, “In 80 years we have faced the challenges that stem from abundance and poverty, from true belief and false extremism, from wise choices to honest mistakes. We have successfully tapped the wealth that lies beneath the ground while addressing how that wealth can best be shared by all.”

“The government under the prudent and wise leadership of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, is dedicated to building a society based on the true teachings of Islam while also confronting the forces of radical hatred and division. And hence legislative and social policies that preserve our relatively conservative culture have been drawn up, while also taking heed of the ideas and hopes of the people of Saudi Arabia who share more progress,” mentioned Prince Mohammed.

Speaking about the development and progress of Saudi Arabia, The Saudi Ambassador also pointed out, “In only 80 years we have taken an undeveloped area of desert and built cities, schools, hospitals, factories, refineries, shipping ports, airports and highways. We have fostered charitable organisations, created telecommunications networks, built houses, stadiums, monuments, shopping malls, and more. In other words, Saudi Arabia has created a modern state from scratch in less than a century. The industrial revolution in Europe and America lasted over 2 centuries.”

The Saudi Ambassador also mentioned “We have fostered a political, economic and social climate that is stable, forward-looking, and even forward-thinking.”

“We must continue to pay close attention and focus our efforts on the prudent management of our resources,” said Prince Mohammed.

Appreciating and praising the many dedicated Saudis who are working hard to help their country make the most of its blessings, the Saudi Ambassador said, “I am proud. And I hope that we have been true to the legacy left by the founder of modern Saudi Arabia and helped the land he fought to create develop and prosper.”

Finally, Prince Mohammed said, My country has done well by its founder. Long may you live his dream, and long may you and the people of Saudi Arabia be blessed by the infinite love and kindness of Allah.

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